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Mon, Aug 29, 2022 7:25 AM

Will Simplisafe send a notification to the mobile app if the alarm is triggered if I install this in India?


I am seeking to install a simplisafe system in my home in India that I frequently visit. If an alarm is triggered, does it send a notification to the mobil app? Or does the notification only go through the monitoring service?

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Hi @08kushal ,

Please be aware that the SimpliSafe app is not available outside of the US and UK app stores.

If you were able to install the app, then you would be able to use the system with Basic App Control, but would not be able to use any features from Standard or Interactive Monitoring. For more info on all our Monitoring plan tiers, check out our Help Center here.



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@08kushal if you set them up in the app, sure, as long as your system is located in the US or England. If it is, and you have your phone with interest service,  you are good to go. Anything else is "off" manufacturer's standards and you do so at your own risk.


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@captain11 I understand that. My system will be located outside the US, so I am wondering what services will be available? All I need is the following -- 

  • My system is installed in India
  • I can know on my phone simplisafe app when the alarm is breached (not via monitoring or a phone call), just a simple app notification will do.