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Mon, Dec 13, 2021 7:58 PM

Wireless doorbell?

So is the doorbell actually wireless or does it need to have a power supply?  Description says there needs to be an existing doorbell set-up for it to work...In this day and age, it seems that this should not need an existing supply for it to work.....

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Il y a 10 m


Yes, the Video Doorbell Pro needs to plug into an existing wired doorbell for power and sound. But in terms of connection to the service, it uses WiFi.

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Il y a 3 m

Is there any SimplySafe product that does not require a wired setup for power or sound?  I thought I read somewhere SimplySafe product 2 that avoids this requirement.

  • It should have a rechargeable battery within the bell structure and also
  • make use of wireless integration with the base station sound or voice capability to indicate that the Doorbell has been pressed.

Also, if that functionality does not presently exist, is there any plans to perform that functionality in the future?

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@jennirudinsky​ unfortunately, we only have the one Video Doorbell product right now, and that's the one that needs to plug into an existing wired mechanical doorbell.

But we also have the Wireless Outdoor Camera, which is fully battery-powered. It does not have a doorbell function, but it can trigger recordings and notifications with motion.