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Mon, Mar 14, 2022 2:40 PM

camera reset?

Will the camera automatically reset itself if it recognizes it isn't able to communicate, or hasn't received any timely communications (i.e keepalive) from the local network?  A camera fully-charged was working fine 12 hours ago. The network is quite viable (1gb, with two local wifi extenders both working.) I'm perplexed why all of the sudden it isn't accessible. I'm over 200 miles away, so fiddling with it isn't an option.

An idea: if it can't reset itself, perhaps that would be a valuable enhancement to the firmware.

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5 m ago

Hi galenwork,


By 'reset' we normally mean a full wipe of the camera, so that it forgets all its settings and needs to be set up again. But I think what you mean is that it should reboot, reload all of its programming, and reconnect.


That shouldn't really be necessary. All WiFi devices connect and disconnect all the time, and WiFi devices are just designed to reconnect again as soon as the connection is back to being available. SimpliSafe cameras are no different; they should be continually attempting to reestablish a link until it's successful.


So for your camera, something might have happened to the connection itself. Maybe the WiFi is having trouble, or maybe there's interference. We'd have to troubleshoot to get to the bottom of it.

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5 m ago

“Reboot” will work for the sake of discussion. They seem to recover, but something is seriously wrong when a camera 5’ from the core wifi router of a mesh network becomes unreachable, and the other four cameras still work fine…in an empty house with no activity. 

It sounds from your response that the cameras are solely responsible for establishing connections and maintaining them. Is there any consideration for adding greater interaction from either the base station or SS to keep the connections alive? I’m seeing these unreachable scenarios as well as “we didn’t receive the video” (or some such) after a camera-triggered event. That seems unacceptable, especially given the event made it through the network, but the video circuit (presumably) failed.

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@galenwork​ I've had the same issues with one specific camera and haven't been able to get it resolved, even after replacing the camera. I have almost the same setup as you (1 gigabit up/down, under 10 ft from access point). I don't have any other Wifi devices that have this kind of problem.