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Wed, Jun 22, 2022 2:33 PM

Outdoor Camera draining and won't re-add after removing from system

So I have had several problems with my outdoor camera. Fyi this is me second outdoor camera. they have replaced it once before. So the device battery goes dead letting me know every 5 min via text in like a month . Super annoying, once would be ok. Even though it is connected to a solar panel also supplied by Simply safe. So to prevent the rapid fire text blowing up my phone i uninstall the camera from the app. This works for the rapid fire texts but creates a second problem. When I attempt to charge and reinstall the camera to the app it wont do so. im am confronted with a blue light saying that the camera is recording a event. after countless firmware updates and 6 hours on tech support they end up sending me another camera. At this point  Im looking into getting a different system. Anyone looking to buy a used system.

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2 m ago

Hi @rockatook ,

Sorry to hear that you've been having trouble. It sounds like you're experiencing two different issues:

First, it sounds like you've encountered a known issue with Motion Detection, which our engineering team is aiming to fix with the next firmware update. In the meantime, we suggest making sure to set your Outdoor Camera to People Only detection.

The second piece is that you're removing the camera from the app, but the app itself doesn't know that. Whenever you want to remove your camera, you also want to perform a hard reset on the camera itself, by pressing the button in the back for 16 seconds. That will wipe the camera so that it forgets all settings, and force it to go back into Setup Mode.

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Outdoor camera battery appears to fully charge; all 3 LEDs "on" & no more cycling. Once battery is re-installed in camera, battery charge indication immediately goes to "low" (only 1 LED "on"). Returning battery to charger produces indication of starting a new charging cycle (3 LED "on" & cycling as if charging). This charging cycle continues for about a half hour until LEDs again indicate full charge (3 LED's "on" solid). When this supposedly fully charged battery is re-installed in camera, system recognizes only "Low battery".  And a 1 only LED "on" confirms it. Camera remains useless. Suspect bad battery, however it's only about 6 months old. I was  considering solar charger because I need to climb up a ladder each time I need to re-charge the battery. But now I'm beginning to think I don't really need an outdoor camera. Could I be using an incorrect charger or charger cable? Are there different ones that fit physically but don't function as necessary? Any suggestions?

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@C1l2a3y4​ your description sounds similar to this case from a different user. Have you tried a firmware reset, by pressing the button in the back for 16 seconds? When you release, the device will reboot into setup mode, and you can set up again in the SimpliSafe app.