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Sun, Feb 27, 2022 5:06 PM

Outdoor camera not recording motion

I recently got the outdoor camera and i have the activity zones set for my front yard, the sidewalk and where i park my car and have it set for all motion. It’s been 2 weeks and i have not ever seen it decor anything, even with me working in my yard 



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Il y a 5 m

@harleyanne21 Either you have a defective camera, issue with a motion setting or connectivity issue. A few questions, but at this point let me jump to the end and recommend a call support to trouble shoot.

First, if you stand in front of the outdoor cam, can you access it with your phone app to see yourself on a live stream? If yes, no connectivity issue. If no, the camera connection to  your WIFI is amiss and probably not properly registered.  If you have set activity zones, than you must be connected. If you click on a grid box, that is excluded from executing a motion being seen to stop recording. (I have a friend who clicked on those grid boxes where he wanted the camera to cover, which is the exact opposite on how it works. Also, did you go into the app, go to the outdoor camera settings and trouble shoot based on what light colors and the state of the light (flashing, steady) on the camera? 

If it is connected, your outdoor cam should pick up activity (someone walking by for example) up to 30 feet. Both of mine do. Again, all else fails, call to troubleshoot.

If you get a chance, please post your outcome here so we can all learn. Thanks!


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Il y a 5 m

Sometimes my outdoor camera starts recording a package delivery late... just catching the guys back as he's leaving. Sometimes my outdoor camera records me leaving home, but doe NOT record my return via the same route....

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@wumbe​ do you have People Only mode turned on? If so, it wouldn't be able to catch you if you were driving in, versus if you were walking in. And also depending on the angle, it might be having trouble discerning 'people' shapes.

But also, an update has been rolled out recently with some performance improvements that might help. More are coming, so your Outdoor Camera will get better over time.