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Wed, Jan 5, 2022 8:46 PM

Outdoor camera slow

My outdoor camera detects motion but it is so slow waking up (for battery conservation) that I only see the person walking away with their back to me.  If I buy the cable to keep the camera powered up all of the time will my sensitivity increase (camera doesn't need to wake up for recording)?

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7 m ago

Hi fredmcbride,

Unfortunately no, using the charging cable will not change the Outdoor Camera's deep sleep behavior.

However, better response time is one of the top priorities for Outdoor Camera development. We'll let you know when the next update is on the way.

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Ok.  Thanks.  Hurry up the new programming.  I want to see who's coming, not who's going.  Also, why isn't the camera awake full time when it is plugged in versus on battery.



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Also, why isn't the camera awake full time when it is plugged in versus on battery.

This is the functionality I want as well. (And I know we're not the only ones.) If I have a camera and it's plugged into AC, I want to be able to pull it up in a browser or app and watch real time video, 24/7, for as long as I want to.

Please add this to your list, SimpliSafe.

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@davey_d​ 3 months later and still trash wake time... Doesn't sound like it's a top priority... smh

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4 m ago

I still can't get mine to connect to wifi. I have subscription with gen 3 and 2 indoor cameras.  Out door won't connect for setup 3 feet from router. And yes it is 2.4ghz with good signal. 

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18 d ago

I also want this functionality

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13 d ago

Agreed!  I just installed mine last week and... since the camera takes 20-30 seconds to wakeup, door-knockers just leave.  With this delay, what's the point of having a microphone if they person isn't there to hear me speak?  For this fairly-expensive camera, how did this not get tested in QA before sold? :(

And I'm with @fredmcbride.  The camera must wakup to take a recording so... wakeup the network communication as well.

Screw the battery life! 

I've got a 2nd battery ready to go.  And I'll hard-wire for power if needed.

Just get it fixed!