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Tue, Feb 15, 2022 6:27 PM

Outdoor Camera Solar Panel Charging

I have two cameras I have a solar panel attached to each.  They both get direct sunlight 11-12 hours a day. (I live on top of a mountain) One camera never will charge above 74% the other would go from 70% to Zero within minutes - waiting for replacement camera - it was over night shipment from FedX on Feb. 9 - guess they have long nights!!  I have other cameras I run on solar and never an issue.  Seems that the solar panel doesn't charge these batteries well?  Anyone else have an issue?  I even got up on the ladder and checked the solar panels and connections - everything appears to be connected fine.

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Il y a 6 m

Hi sherriff_4,

The Solar Panel is designed to keep your SimpliSafe Wireless Outdoor Camera topped up - and with up to 12 hours of direct sunlight, it shouldn't be having trouble with that.

What it does suggest to me is that your cameras are both using up way more power than they should. Do they see a lot of activity? e.g. triggers, or if you livestream from them frequently.

We did recently start rolling out a major firmware update that resolves some performance issues - including with battery life. So it's possible that when that update gets to your devices, they'll perform much better.

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@davey_d​ Thanks for responding.  Little background - I live on top of a mountain - no close neighbors.  My front area camera can go days without activity and some days maybe 3-4 times if we have company.  Neither of my cameras use a light.  My back door camera does have more use as that's the door we use so maybe up to six times in a day if we are in and out.  We are retired so some days it may record 1 or 2 times. The back door camera went from 70% to zero in a period of 4 hours - it is being replaced - the replacement is suppose to be here this afternoon.  I do have a call into you folks and have been told someone who developed the solar panels and cameras will be contacting me - (was told that yesterday).  Thanks for responding, my opinion your system is the best!!

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Has anyone tried 3rd party solar panels?  I know it’s said it only  compatible  with SS solar charger. 

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Il y a 2 m

I am also having issues. The app shows that the camera is plugged into a source (the battery shows a lightning bolt for charging while my back door camera just shows a full battery), but yet my front door camera (likely due to lots of cars driving past the house), is continually dying and giving the critical low battery warning. But I knew it'd get lots of traffic that's why I have the front connected with solar. 

I wish there was a firmware update to allow sections of the camera to be more sensitive than others or even an overall sensitivity function to alter. It's just strange that the one hooked to continuous solar power is the one requiring the most recharges of the battery.