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Sun, Jun 19, 2022 12:55 AM

Unfinished Setup remains on my camera list in mobile app

Hello - I've had issues with my outdoor camera on two separate occasions. As part of troubleshooting on each occasion, Simplisafe Support has asked me to remove the camera and re-add it. Since the camera is defective, I wasn't able to successfully add it back. This has left me with two "Unfinished Setup" cameras on my camera list in the mobile app. As you can see in the attached images, it is a big inconvenience since they are the first cameras to appear in the list. As you can also see, I'm unable to remove them in camera settings since they do not appear there. 

The other issue is that Simplisafe Support does not see these "Unfinished Setups" on their end. Some have tried to assist and others don't care to assist me. This is a big frustration. 

I've also tried click "Finish Setup" with the replacement camera that I receive, but the setup is unsuccessful. I've only been able to add the replacement cameras when starting a completely new setup by selecting "Add Camera" at the bottom of the camera list. Has anyone else run into this issue? I just need to somehow remove these "Unfinished Setups" from my list.

Any support is appreciated.

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2 m ago

Hi @Crispy ,

Sorry about this. At this stage, those Cameras are registered in your Base Station's list, but not yet fully linked to the app. Since we don't actually want to connect them anymore, the next step is to just remove from from the Base Station. You can do that through the Keypad > Menu > Devices > [Your Camera].