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Tue, Apr 19, 2022 8:14 PM

What are the specs for a charger needed to charge the outdoor camera battery before installing it with the solar panel outside

What chargers will do this?

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Hi @robinkowalchukburk ,

If I have this right, you're asking about what charging block or brick you should use to charge the battery? Since it comes with the USB-micro cable, but not the actual charger. And you'd need to charge the battery to full before starting the setup.

Any 5v power adapter will do - like the typical ones you'd have for your iPhone or other smart phone. Or you could plug it into your computer if you have one.

@davey_d​ thanks.  I was finally able to get the requirements from a support person on the phone.  Specifically, 5 volts / 1.5 amps (a lot of phone chargers only provide 1 am), total of 7.5W as a result.

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I have the same problem! I think they should include a charging cord when you buy a battery! The outdoor batteries don’t stay charged very long. That’s if you even have a solar battery. I am disappointed with this product. Plus it takes the battery a long time to charge!!

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@hardyh999​ the battery in the Outdoor Camera should be lasting 3-6 months. The Solar Panel accessory should really be keeping it topped up so it can stay charged indefinitely.

So if the camera is draining way faster than it can charge, we should be troubleshooting further. Do you see a high number of Motion triggers on your camera? is People Only mode already enabled? And of course, has it already been updated to the latest firmware version? There are improvements to performance included in that update that could help a lot.

But our Support team at 800-548-9508 can help with even more troubleshooting steps.